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Morning Circle Songs The kids love the Hello Song, which is an old Girl Scout number. If you can't recall it, just thrash it out any-old-how, with gusto. Make a meal of it and shake hands with each student for the 2nd verse. The Name Song is good practice for responding to “ What's your name?”

Personal Information Mnemonics I don't know the original author of these chants, but they can work well for some students in a circle time. I put all my morning activities in a ring binder which is held up to the students so they can look at the words and pictures as we go along. Start with a written, teacher-modeled, phone number response, etc. , that the student can follow. Fade to the student reading the response. Fade the written response and eventually, fade the mnemonic and ask the question in a more natural way.
Telephone Number, Birthday, and Address
Favorite Choices Letting kids express their opinion is a powerful communication tool. I put these in sheet protectors in a ring binder that I use in a small group, as part of a start-the-day routine. We go through a greetings and calendar script and then use the boards to extend conversation. Model and rehearse different responses so that students are less likely to become habituated to one response. I pass the book around so that students can point if they are nonverbal. Another teacher has made binders for each student.
It is difficult to bring people to goodness with lessons, but it is easy to do so by example.
Favorite Green Vegetable?
Favorite Fruit?
Favorite Soda?
Favorite Vegetable?
Favorite Cookie?
Favorite Salty Snack?
Favorites Drink?
Favorite Cereal?

Tommy's Teeth NEW An 11 page story to teach teeth brushing, written by Jaen Mayberry and illustrated by Nancy Mayberry. In zipped pdf format to print, read online or project on white board.
Hand-Washing Song We read that you should wash your hands for the amount of time it takes to sing Happy Birthday. Following the motto to sing as many instructions as possible, Jaen Mayberry wrote piggy back lyrics to that tune. Print it. Put it in a sheet protector, and hang it in the bathroom, if you like.
The Deodorant Story Use this story or create one along these lines to improve a student's personal hygiene.
The Menstruation Story Use this story or create one along these lines to help reduce stress and improve a student's personal hygiene. Check with parents and school policy for permission . We read this before going to the bathroom, took it with us and reviewed the pictures as we proceeded through the process. Another copy was sent home to broaden generalization.