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Yes and No Board - Teach choice-making and increase communication skills with verbal and nonverbal children, print multiple copies of the yes/no board. Attach to work surfaces, cafeteria tables, doors, etc. Teaching students to make choices and to respond to yes or no questions is difficult. Begin by teaching it hand over hand - e.g., "Do you want a cookie? Yes ? " (touching student hand to yes symbol), "or no ? " (touching student hand to no symbol). If the student indicates in some way that the answer is yes, touch the student hand to the yes symbol, say "yes", and reinforce with the cookie, or suitable reinforcer. If the student indicates the answer is no, touch the student's hand to the no symbol, say "no", and withhold the cookie. This technique can be used in any setting: "Do you want to go outside? ", "Do you want to stop? ", "Is this red? ", and so forth."Yes and No" requires lots of practice in many settings, but it's worth it. Reliable student response to yes and no questions is a milestone skill.

Response Card and a Bumper Sticker Communication Card, print this visual prompt and nonverbal response card to increase student choices and responses while they participate in daily classroom activities.

Sing - Use sung instructions or rhythmic and rhymed phrases to catch and hold student attention. Example: "Pat, pat, pat. Make it nice and flat!" may be used for pasting, gardening, cooking - any activity that requires a pat. Try it. It really works!

Ask Questions This can be good in circle time for students who are verbal, but still find it difficult to respond and/or make choices.