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Themes- I love them. It has always felt natural for me to wrap the curriculum around and through the common currency of holidays and seasons. The following pages in the scroll down menu gather activities, links and worksheets that I have either made, collaborated on, or discovered.I like to teach using a theme because I can target specific vocabulary and skills. Repeating these skill sets through the seasons allows for the generalization that is typically so difficult for these students.

Themes and Ring Binders - I like to teach using a theme because I can target specific vocabulary and skills. Collect binders and whenever you come across a worksheet, activity, recipe, song, or art idea that goes with that theme, put it in a designated binder. Never mind that the worksheet might not be at an appropriate level for your current students. The abilities of autistic students are so varied that chances are, you will one day have a student for which it will be suitable. Another advantage of themes is that, although within your class you may have a wide range of abilities, you can still have students working on the same topic.

Boxes- Like ring binders, storage boxes dedicated to certain themes are extremely useful. If you make decorations, communication overlays, flash cards, themed bingo or folder games, collect and store them with your binder in a box. Pop in books and puzzles that go with the theme. This may sound a little fussy, but when you have put together a few of these, it is very pleasant to be able to put your hands on all your materials easily, every year.

Guilt- Now I know I should probably be providing all the professional gubbins that go with TAP, Race to the Top, GLEs, Extended Standards, Core Curriculum, Vertical Alignment,School Improvement, Turnaround Schools, Goals, Objectives, and Student Learning Targets. It is because I am working with all of this at school, that I reject it out of hand, at home. I did start this website to be helpful, but also to have fun and be a little creative. Maybe some day….