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Valentine Craft Communication Board Print, laminate, put in a sheet protector and use during a simple valentine craft activity to promote increased student participation

Two Valentine Songs Cute little songs. Don't forget to deliver a big kiss sound effect.
Folder Game - a two page printout to practice
simple addition with a valentine theme.
Add Hearts
a simple addition worksheet.
How Do You Feel in February?
Valentine Comprehension
A simple reading and
writing comprehension exercise.
Hearts Color and count hearts.
Valentine's Day Themed Math Pages for grade level 1 to 5 from www.kidzone.ws
Valentine Counting Worksheet
from Bryback Manor
The Valentine Activity Idea Place lots of craft, song,
and food activities with a valentine theme.
I Give You My Heart A very pretty
art project from a teacher who
submitted her idea to Kinderart
ABCTeach has a whole page of Valentine activities, including a comprehension passage, concentration, multiplication
worksheets, and valentine to color!
Valentines! an assortment
of coloring sheets and cards
to print from Kids Domain.