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Trick or Treat Candy Conversation Board
Print this to promote topical verbal and nonverbal exchanges
and choice-making, during morning circle, calendar time,
or whenever you focus on conversation.

O-c-t-o-b-e-r an October spelling song

Halloween Creatures- a favorites communication page
Pumpkin Coin Count
a worksheet to add up some change
with a holiday theme.
A glittery Fireworks craft
at www.enchanted learning.com.

Halloween Counting
a simple count and circle worksheet
Halloween Subtraction
two easy cross out activities,
one and two
Bat Clips
Cute clips with pictured instructions
from enchantedlearning.com.
A Pasta Skeleton Craft
Pictured instructions from
Halloween Themed Math Pages
Generated worksheets for Grades 1 to 5
from kidzone.
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