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December Songs for a small group activity. I made a version of a Candy Cane Song from the Mailbox Companion, because it's so cute!

Candy Cane count and color worksheet.

Christmas themed pre-school lesson plans and activities

Winter Clothes - a simple word search exercise
Christmas Cut & Paste-
one to one correspondence
Christmas coloring and color words worksheets
Xmas lights and ornaments
Carols- Sing some seasonal songs
Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls!
Christmas Themed Math Worksheets
an extremely useful generator pitched to Pre-K through Grade 5 from Kidzone.
Practice following written directions
with a
Santa and a Reindeer
A Christmas Communication Board to facilitate responses
and choice-making during craft making sessions.
Add Snowflakes Folder Game
Christmas Folder Game
Matching Numbers 1-10
Christmas Folder Game
Matching Numbers 15 to 24
Make a Brown Paper Christmas Stocking
with picture instructions from enchantedlearning.com.
December goodies An activity
every day until the big 25
at Bry-Back Manor
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