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Freedom Song A lovely piggyback song for Martin Luther King, Jr. I don't know who wrote the lyrics.

Learn About Black History Song
Piggyback lyrics by Jaen Mayberry to Rudolf, the Red-nosed Reindeer. Two pages with lyrics and illustrations.

Biographies of Great African-Americans- short and simple,
with some activities at enchantedlearning.com
Martin Luther King, Jr. A Coloring
worksheet, a
Tracing worksheet and
Word Search.
Black-Eyed Peas and Cornbread
Picture recipes and a page of what you need,
to make these treats to celebrate ethnic cuisine.
Rosa Parks Standup Bus Craft
A cute bus and kids color,cut & paste
activity to print at Danielle's Place
Make a Good Luck Hand (Khamsa) Craft from Morocco
with picture instructions from
Enchanted Learning.com
An A to Z of Black Inventors
Seven coloring and tracing pages of
inventions by African-Americans.
Kente Cloth Use geometric shapes to mimic cloth
from Ghana at Kinderart.com
A Teeny Tiny Book about Martin
Luther King. Jr. at Bry-Back Manor