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Fall Story- a little information about fall to add to a morning circle book..

Autumn Word Search - full of fall words.

Fall Addition two simple worksheets.

Fall Folder Game - Make a folder game to practice one to one correspondence for numbers 1 - 10.

Leaf Subtraction - 3 basic subtraction worksheets

Leaf Count and Color Worksheet.

Leaf Concentration - Print two copies to make a very simple concentration or folder game.

Leaf Activities - Zillions of them! The Activity Idea Place at 123child.com has got you covered.

A Leaf Counting Booklet - numbers one to ten, to color and trace, from Bryback Manor.

Paper Scarecrow - with templates and picture instructions from enchantedlearning.com. They say to make it for Thanksgiving, but it's so cute I'm going to have my students make it now!

A Scarecrow Song- Don't know the origin of the lyrics, but here it is illustrated with Boardmaker pics.

Nature Walk Checklist to print from abcteach. Go outside!
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