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Measure Beads If you're from the New Orleans area, getting beads in different colors will not be a problem. Snip beads to lengths less than a foot, put them in baggies, and have students practice measuring skills.

Mini King Cake a recipe to make in small group instruction.

Mardi Gras Craft
Communication Board
Mardi Gras Story A simple five page story to introduce carnival vocabulary
Catch the Beads a color and
trace worksheet
Mardi Gras Trace a color ID, letter ID,
and vocabulary trace worksheet.
Cross Word Puzzle Try it simple and Mardi Gras style.
Mardi Gras Addition Worksheet,
very easy
Mardi Gras Count & Color worksheets- baby, gator, and cups
Masks Worksheet
Coloring to learn happy and sad faces
Mardi Gras Folder Game
Simple Addition 2 pages
Make a Mardi Gras Float
at www.mardigrasday.com
Mardi Gras Mambo If you know this tune, you can sing this student version with your class.
Paper Plate Mask follow up on the feelings theme by helping students choose to make a Happy or Sad face Give a choice of purple, green or gold/yellow crayons to color the plate. Assist in cutting the chosen expression and give a choice of decorations to add (feathers, sequins, ribbons, etc.) Fasten with elastic or string, or tape on a popsicle stick to the side for those who dislike wearing masks.
Make a Mardi Gras Tissue Paper Collage Cover paper plates or heavyweight paper with school glue. Get the students to tear purple, green and gold (yellow) tissue paper to create their own patterns. To make the project extra tactile , add snippets of Mardi Gras beads, bits of old decorations, feathers and scraps of cloth in Mardi Gras colors to increase student choice.
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