I bought an iPad 3 years ago to use with my students . Last year our school system provided us with some. Hoorah! If you are lucky enough to have one, or an iPod touch, they are a wonderful adjunct to any lesson. There are SO many apps. These are a few I use regularly. Visit the iTunes App Store and check out the Story Chimes series for many traditional stories and fables. Many of the apps below are free or have a demo to try out. Happy hunting!
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Alphabet Dots Learn the alphabet
with colorful dots. This one is super-duper!
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Endless Alphabet An ever-growing
dictionary of vocabulary and spelling
lessons!It's also great fun.
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Telling Time Touch Game
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Math Tappers- Clockmaster, a math game
to help children learn to read clocks.
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Brain Pop- featured daily movie
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Brain Pop Jr.- featured weekly movie
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Counting Dots has been selected
for eSpark Learning top of the class.
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Apples in Hour Hands -educational game
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Next Dollar Up - This app is a great way
to teach practical money skills
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A Monster Ate My Homework
All my students love this game.
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AutismXpress Designed for people
with autism to express their emotions
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See,Touch,Learn - a little price-y, but pretty
complete basic instruction. Try it out.
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Fruit Ninja- a popular game that will give
your student communality with peers.
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Tell Time Fun match ups and
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Squeak my Voice- a little silly, but may get a
reluctant student to talk.
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Phone4Kids- All in one activity center
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Play Phone - I use this in conjunction
with old disused cell phones and practice
phone conversations
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Pre-K Letters and Numbers
This is an excellent tracing app
Free from Brightstart
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Monster Mouth- Be a monster dentist.
Solve their horrible dental problems.
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Ranked a top 100 iPad education app.
Pizza Fractions offers a simple introduction
to fractions
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Buzzer!! I use this as a fun attaboy.